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Kobo Daishi
Kobo Daishi was born on June 15th, 774 in JAPAN.

He is referred to by his name "Kukai," which means "Heaven and Ocean," and by his consecration name "Henjo Kongo," which means "Universally Resplendent and Adamantine."

Eternal Meditation.
He has made a vow to continue saving sentient beings until they and the generations that follow them hane all been saved. He enterd into enternal meditation at Okuno-in at Koyasan in Japan on March 21st, 835.

According to Kobo Daishi view of the world, everything in the Universe is a manifestation of the universal Life Force of Dainichi Nyorai Maha-virochana Buddha who embodies the essence of the Universe and the absolute truth.

All things from the spiritual world of onlightenment, to the world of material things share in this Life Force in an endless interrelationship that freely merges individual existences together.

The true charactristics of this Life Force and the wisdom world of Dainichi Nyorai are expressed through pictures known as Mandala.
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