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Odaishi-Ko Worship

        7:00pm, 20th on every month

    Kobo Daishi entered into Eternal Meditation on May 21st, 835, on Koyasan. On 21st day of each month, many Kobo Daishi believers hold a service not only in Shingon Temples but other temples and shrines dedicated to Kobo Daishi. This is a manifestation of Kobo Daishi belief amongst those who have been touched by Kobo Daishi's blessed light of compassion. They do not simply visit the temple but pray to Kobo Daishi.
    Lahaina Shingon Mission traditionally hold the Odaishi-Ko service on the night before the 21st each month. And we take refreshments with all worshippers after service.

Goma Fire Ritua

        10:00am, 28th on every month

    The Goma fire ritual is a service to pray for your good health, happiness and peace for all of you.
    This is a custom inherited from INDIA where the term for it is Homa, which has been transliterated as Goma. In INDIA from ancient times, a variety of offerings have been burned in a hearth and dedicated as flames to the gods in heaven. The gods respond by listening to the people's petitions. This is the origins of this ritual.
    This was adopted bu Esoteric Buddhism as a ritual not only for making secular requests, but also for burning the 108 passions and for seeking true wisdom. In Esoteric Buddhism, fire is the light of wisdom, and flames have the power to burn the evils and ills of the world.

Hokoji Class

        9:00am, 1st Sunday on every month

This is a session to learn about Shingon Buddhism and practice on Shingon meditation.

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