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Liliha Shingonji Mission

1710 Liliha St.
Honolulu, Hawaii. 96817

The Rev. Gishun Yamamoto, who was registered with the Daigo Brunch of Shingon Buddhism, in October 1911, founded the Liliha Shingonji Mission or known at that time as the Daigo Bunkyoin. In the year 1926 during the term of the Second Bishop Koo Kameyama, with the establishment of the Organization of Shingon Temples in Hawaii, Liliha Shingonji was included as an official member of the organization.

Rev. Horyu Asaeda succeeded Rev. Yamamoto after her retirement in 1926. During World War Ⅱ Rev. Asaeda interned and later returned to Japan. Then Rev. Kakusho Asano was assigned as minister after a while being without a resident minister. Bishop Mitsumyo Tottori was assigned as Resident minister after his retirement as the Sixth Bishop of the Shingon Mission in Hawaii. Rev. Jitsunin Kawanishi was assigned as the Assistant minister under Bishop Tottori and later become the Resident Minister.

One of the specialties of Liliha Shingonji is that in order to spread the teachings beyond the local Japanese community, an English-speaking minister was assigned here.

Haleiwa Shingon Mission

66-469 Paalaa Rd.
Haleiwa, Hawaii, 96712

Haleiwa has recently become a popular area for tourist going the North Shore area. The start of the Haleiwa Koshoji is when the Rev. Gido Ikeda, who came to the area as immigrant laborers, started missionary activities from a rented house. Rev. Ikeda was posthumously officially appointed as missionary by then Head Superintendent Bishop Zenko Kusanagi on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary Service in 1966. After Rev. Ikeda, Rev. Tachika and Rev. Hogan Yujiri served head ministers.

During the term of the fourth head minister, Rev. Kogon Kawamura, the present temple was built and officially the name “Koshoji” was used. The temple property was purchased and the Haleiwa Koshoji was recognized as a Religious organization during the term of the fifth head minister, Rev. Shodo Kawamura. The new minister’s residence was built during the sixth head minister, Rev. Taizen Tamai, and activities of the temple were going well but with the outbreak of World War Ⅱ the seventh head minister, then Rev. Mitsumyo Tottori, suffered considerably to protect and maintain the temple. The eighth head minister, Rev. Shindo Wasai expanded the temple. Rev. Taiken Akiyama was assigned since 1958, expanded and renovated the temple and expanded temple activities. He has also built the “Haleiwa Senior Center” to benefit the social welfare of the community.

Koboji Shingon Mission

1223-B North School St.
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96817

The late Bishop Kakuo Okimura founded the Koboji Shingon Mission on June s, 1947 at Kaena Lane in Nuuanu. Then Chief Priest of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism Archbishop Shokai Wada presided over the consecration Blessing ceremony when Koboji was moved to Vineyard Street location in 1952. With the ever-growing congregation Koboji was moved to the present location in 1958. On June 29, of the same year, the Bishop Tetsuei Katoda with the assistance of all Hawaii ministers presided over the Consecration Blessing of the new temple building. The second head minister, Bishop Eisho Okimura, had the trust of the people. He put all his effort into finding new ways to minister to people and to expand the church even further. Unfortunately, he passed away on January 20, 1996. Rev. Dean Zenei Okimura like his father has a very strong trust of the people and is making effort to expand the church even more. In order to accommodate the growing congregation, the Koboji Shingon Mission will be moving and building a large temple.
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