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Waimea Shingon Mission

Rev. Jisen Omori established the Waimea Fukyojo, missionary center, the forerunner of the Waimea Shingon Mission, in July 1908. Rev. Kakuo Okimura succeeded Rev. Omori in 1922. During the term of the third resident minister, Rev. Yunin Kobayashi, the temple lands were purchased and the temple was rebuilt. The name “Shingonji” was given during the term of forth head minister, Rev. Shinmyo Abeshima. The fifth resident minister Rev. Kakuho Asaoka established the miniature “Shin Shikoku 88 Holy Temple Pilgrimage”. Unfortunately, on March 23, 1979, the Waimea Shingon Mission was reduced to ashes. Always looking to the future, Rev. Shinryu Abeshima and the members made every effort into rebuilding the temple. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the new temple and minister’s residence was dedicated on February 11, 1979.

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