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Hilo Hooganji Mission

457 Manono St.
Hilo, Hawaii, 96720

On April 20, 1907 the Rev. Hogan Yujiri founded the Hilo Hooganji Mission. During the term of the second resident minister, then Rev. Kobo Kameyama, in 1918, Hooganji was moved to present location on Manono St. Two years letter Rev. Koten Suetomi built the minister’s residence. Under the leadership of Rev. Myoshu Sasai, the members gathered every weekend from June1963 to May 1967 to build the present Hooganji. On May 13, 1967 the Consecration Blessing Service of the new temple was constructed. On October 23, 1976, a large service celebrating the Seventieth Anniversary of the founding and the Tenth Anniversary of the new temple building was held. In addition, a service, blessing the repaired statues of Kobo Daishi, Aizen Myoo, Senju Kannon, and Fudo Myoo was held in November 1991.

Naalehu Daishido

Rev.Jiko Kubo, in 1907, founded the Naalehu Fukyojo, the forerunner of the Naalehu Daishido, as the center of the Shingon Buddhist activities in the Naalehu area. Since then over the years the members namely, Mr. Sakuichi Kobayashi, Mr. Obayashi, Mr. Ishimaru, Mr. Manzo Sugita and Many others have help to maintain the Naakehu Daishido.

The Naalehu Daishido was given a statue of Kobo Daishi by then Chief Priest of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism, Archbishop Shokai Wada when he had visited Naalehu in 1952. The resident minister of the Honomu Henjoji also has been the minister in charge of the Naalehu Daishido.

Presently, there are five yearly services in addition to the monthly Daishiko service at Naalehu Daishido.

Honomu Henjoji Mission

P.O.Box 97
Honomu, Hawaii, 96728

Rev. Hokan Kidani founded the Honomu Bunkyokaijo in 1912, which was the forerunner of the Honomu Henjoji Mission. The Head Temple of the Daigo School of Shingon Buddhism, Sanboin, bestowed on the Honomu Bunkyokaijo, the name of “Komyozan Henjoji” in July1918. The Rev. Shudo Takagi, in 1920 moved and rebuilt Henjoji at the present location. Upon the return of Rev. Takagi to Japan in 1925, Rev. Kakuho Asaoka was assigned to Henjoji and continued to spread the teachings. In 1952, then Chief Priest of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism, Archbishop Shokai Wada, accompanied by then Rev. Zenkyo Nakagawa presided over the 35th Anniversary of Henjoji and the Consecration Blessing Ceremony of the new temple and minister’s residence. The 50th Anniversary was celebrated on October 1968 and the 80th Anniversary was celebrated on November 2000.

Although there is less Japanese living in the area, due to the demise of the sugar industry, “Honomu Odaishisan” as it is lovingly called is still popular with the people. Not only Japanese, but also people of all walks of life, ethnicities and even religions, come to temple for prayer and healing.

Kona Koyasan Daishiji Mission

P.O.Box 424
Holualoa, Hawaii, 96725

During a twenty-year period between 1910 and 1930 there were a number of Daishi worship halls and miniature Shikoku 88 Holy temples worship sites, established in the Kona region. The Holualoa 88 Holy temples worship site and Daishido built by Rev. Kobo Takeda, was one of them. In 1963, five of the Daishido united into one organization.

Because of a landslide, caused by torrential rains in October 1968, the Holualoa 88 Holy Temple Pilgrimage site was destroyed and deemed beyond repair. One year later the land was obtained and in 1971 construction of the new temple began. Later the head Temple of Koyasan, Kongobuji, bestowed the name of “Kona Koyasan Daishiji” on to the new temple. In March 1972, the Dedication Blessing Service was held and the temple has continued to this day.

Paauilo Kongoji Mission

The Rev. Shugaku Koto with untiring effort built the temple with the name “Koyasan Shingonshu, Hoeizan Kongoji” about 300 meters towards the ocean from the present location. He also established the miniature 88 Holy Temple Pilgrimage site. Then Rev. Kakuo Shiba was assigned to Paauilo Kongoji in March 1935. In November 1938 he moved and rebuilt the temple at the present location. In 1935, the minister’s residence was expanded and the main temple was renovated in 1966. A judo hall was built behind the temple in 1970.

Kohala Koboji Mission

Rev. Kobo Teramae established the temple in August 1924 in the Kapaau area about 300 meters east of the present location. During the previous year, the Head Temple of the Daigo School of Shingon Buddhism bestowed the name “Koharamitsuzan Koboji” on to the future temple. Following Rev. Teramae, Rev. Hosho Kurohira was assigned as resident minister in 1930, followed by Rev. Jitsuryu Tanaka in 1937 and Rev. Kakusho Asano in 1940. In 1950, the Consecration Blessing service for moving and rebuilding the temple at the present locating was presided by the Archbishop Iyu Iwamoto. In 1954, Rev. Taiken Akiyama was assigned to Kohara Koboji. Thereafter, during the term of Rev. Myoe Yamanaka in October 1962 the Fortieth Anniversary Service was conducted with all Hawaii minister in attendance.

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